A fun way for children to learn English

Sam and Mel's video English lessons are the perfect way for children to speak and pronounce English like native speakers.

Sam and Mel uses a proven interactive method to teach English to children.

The English lessons can be used for your child to learn English at home, or by teachers to teach English in the classroom.

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At Home

At Home

Children can learn English in the comfort of their own home. They can practice alone or with other family members.

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In the Classroom

At Home

At school, the pupils can learn English by themselves, or the whole class can participate together.

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A fun way to learn English

The video lessons are fun and engaging, featuring funny puppets, catchy songs, and interactive exercises that will stimulate your child's natural love of learning English.

Learn English from Native Speakers

Our presenters are real people, not animated characters. Children will learn English better from watching Sam and Mel's mouths moving, and listening to the correct pronunciation of words and sentences.

Everyday English

'Sam and Mel' teaches English that is relevant and interesting to young children. Each lesson builds upon the language learned in previous lessons, adding 10 new English words every lesson.

Learn English at your own pace

'Sam and Mel' is available anytime your child wants to learn English, and there are no limits to how many times they can watch the video lessons and exercises. Your child will learn at their own speed, advancing to each new lesson when they are ready.

Multiple Devices to learn English

Your children can study English on computers, tablets and smartphones, wherever they are able to stream video via the internet.

Happy Customers

I am really happy to hear that Sam and Mel are back. Your lessons are definitely wonderful.

Huyen Nguyen, Vietnam

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