In addition to the 200 videos that are the basis of the Sam and Mel English lessons, many other useful resources can be used to reinforce children's learning.  These resources can be accessed in the Lessons area of the website after logging in.  Each of these extra resources (non-video) may be downloaded.


In addition to the English script of the dialogue scenes of the Lesson videos, there are translations into French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean. 

The purpose of these translations is to allow the non-English speaking teacher or parent to get a sense of what is happening during the dialogues.  These are not meant as word-for-word translations to be used as a teaching tool, but merely a way for the adult to explain to the child the overall meaning of the scene.  Once that is accomplished, the child will derive meaning simply by watching the video and listening to the English. 



Each set of 10 video lessons contains approximately 100 high frequency words for children at the A1 level of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

In order to keep track of their vocabulary acquisition, we have created lists of vocabulary for each lesson set.  These lists are categorised in 2 ways:  Lesson order and Alphabetical order.  The alphabetical order also mentions which lesson the words were used in.


The sound files for each batch of 10 lessons can be downloaded to be played anywhere on any device.  Songs are a powerful medium for learning a language as learners play the song in their minds long after they have finished listening to the recording.

All the lyrics and chords have also been included so that a teacher or parent can accompany the children on guitar. 



These cards are a tool that will enable your children/pupils to memorise vocabulary in a more tactile manner. 

Younger children love moving things around, especially when they can work in pairs.  This resource will complement the visual, auditive, and kinaesthetic learning styles that are used in the Sam and Mel videos.

                                         Gapfill exercises

These 4 exercises serve as an introduction to the skills of Reading and Writing.  

Exercise 1 tests the ability of the learner to use correct syntax.
Exercise 2 shows how well the learner knows the dialogue.
Exercise 3 tests their understanding of the Picture Talk video.
Exercise 4 will show how well the learner knows the karaoke song.


Lesson plans

These are designed specifically for teachers who have limited lesson preparation time.  At a glance they can see the lesson theme, the descriptors outlining the lesson objectives, and the vocabulary and grammatical structures used in the lesson.

A suggested sequence of activities is also included.

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