For Parents

Competence in foreign languages in general, and English in particular, constitutes a gateway for a child's future social, educational and career development.

If your child is a beginner learner, then you have found the best method to help them start speaking English like a native.

Your Role

Encourage your child to actively engage with every lesson. Doing the hand gestures will help them to memorize all the new vocabulary; speaking and singing will improve their pronunciation and fluency.

You can also use the PDF translations to explain to your child what is happening in the presentation scenes (Scenes 1, 3 and 7). This will help your child to understand the lesson without reverting to subtitles. 


Child's Learning

Learning occurs when your child interacts with the lesson. Therefore you should encourage them to do the gestures, speak or sing along with Sam and Mel.

If the child thinks they are ready for the next lesson, they can demonstrate it in 3 ways:

  1. Say the new words when prompted by a gesture or picture.
  2. Read the list of words and the sentence.
  3. Sing the song.

Learning occurs best when your child works through all the Lesson and Exercise videos.  We encourage them to reinforce their learning by watching the videos 3 times before progressing to the next lesson.

The child's performance does not have to be perfect before moving on to the next lesson. They can always come back to review and practice a lesson again in the future.


  • Independence: After the parent has introduced the new lesson by reading the translated dialogues, the child can learn on their own.
  • Use of screens: Watching Sam and Mel gives educational balance to children's other viewing activities.
  • Broader cultural horizons: Your child will become more open to the outside world by getting to know Sam and Mel, two native English speakers from New Zealand.

Happy Customers

I've been banging on for years about how great an idea this is!

Mark Newman, Thailand

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