Our Story

'Sam and Mel' is an online video language method where children learn to speak English. They will learn to communicate using correct English grammar and pronunciation.


A major component of this method is our philosophy around motivation and learning.  'Sam and Mel' provide motivation for learning English in two ways:

1. Children are motivated by fun. They will want to learn English because Sam and Mel is fun.

2. Children are motivated when they receive praise for trying. Sam and Mel will often say "good", clap, or give the thumbs up. Parents and teachers should also give praise when their child or pupils make an effort.


Learning Rhythm

Your child or pupils can learn at their own pace, moving on to each new lesson when they are ready.

We recommend that children study for 10-15 minutes per day in order to maintain maximum concentration during learning.

On average a child or class will need to watch each lesson and revision exercise three times.


  • Each lesson lasts 8-10 minutes to match young children's attention span.
  • 200 videos introduce and reinforce 200 high-frequency words used in situations suitable for children.
  • Lessons consist of 3 presentation scenes for children to watch and enjoy. The 4 other scenes are opportunities to interact with our presenters, Sam and Mel.
  • The interactive scenes engage different learning methods: Gestures and pictures for memorisation of words; recognition reading; word emphasis for pronunciation; and singing for fluency.
  • Downloadable translations can be used for understanding each new lesson.
  • Each of the 20 lessons is accompanied by 9 additional revision exercises which reinforce learning.
  • The 20 lesson songs can be downloaded as an mp3 file.
  • Additional PDF resources can be downloaded for printing.
  • Children receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion when the parent or teacher is satisfied that the learner has completed the course.

Happy Customers

We are absolutely delighted to watch the lessons of Sam and Mel as a family!

Emmanuelle Bousquet, France

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