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Primary school teachers often feel ill-equipped to teach a foreign language in their classroom.  Their own knowledge of the language is limited, and they don’t feel they have the specialist didactic skills to ensure that their pupils become competent language learners.

Our method

The Sam and Mel English method takes a pragmatic approach to language learning.  We do not attempt to offer a comprehensive solution to all the CEFR illustrated descriptors such as the plurilingual and pluricultural competences.

On the other hand, emphasis is put on those competences that appear to be the most urgent and challenging to primary school teachers, namely oral reception, oral production and interaction.  Our 2 presenters model those language competences and encourage learners to engage with them. 



The teacher's role is mainly that of Facilitator.  Play the videos and encourage your pupils to interact (do the gestures, speak, sing) with Sam and Mel.  Then monitor the engagement and participation of your pupils. Join in with them to start with, and then let their voices lead the way.


Beyond the video lessons and exercises, pupils can complete the task sheets and work together in pairs, interacting in the same manner that they have seen modelled.  During that time the teacher is free to observe and encourage.


  • High participation: The group dynamic with Sam and Mel encourages all the pupils to participate.
  • Teacher observation: Student interaction with the video allows the teacher the opportunity to step back and watch the pupils and monitor their progress.
  • Pupils' confidence: Quiet or timid pupils are able to join in with the group and gain confidence in a non-threatening environment.

Happy Customers

I've been banging on for years about how great an idea this is!

Mark Newman, Thailand

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