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'Sam and Mel' has been appreciated by teachers in primary schools in Europe and Asia for the past 7 years (see the Testimonies of teachers). It is wonderful to see young classes interact confidently with Sam and Mel.


The classroom will need a computer and internet connection (Sam and Mel is a streaming service only). For medium-sized and large classes the computer should be linked to a data projector or large screen.

Powerful external speakers are also recommended so that the whole class can hear the lessons clearly.

Small classes can view Sam and Mel on a laptop or tablet, though you may still need some external speakers.



'Sam and Mel' is flexible in how it can be used in a classroom situation. However, in the Resources section there are Lesson plans and Teacher notes that can guide teachers in sequencing the learning of their pupils.

The teacher's role is mainly that of Facilitator.  Play the videos and encourage your pupils to interact (do the gestures, speak, sing) with Sam and Mel.  Then monitor the engagement and participation of your pupils. Join in with them to start with, and then let their voices lead the way.


  • High student participation: The group dynamic with Sam and Mel encourages all the pupils to participate.
  • Teacher observation: Student interaction with the video allows the teacher the opportunity to step back and watch the pupils and monitor their progress.
  • Pupils' confidence: Quiet or timid pupils are able to join in with the group and gain confidence in a non-threatening environment.

Happy Customers

I am delighted with this playful learning method and my pupils love it.

Sylvie Duhamel, France

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