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Our Method

Sam and Mel, is an online video language method where children learn to listen, speak and read English. They will learn to use words and make sentences with correct grammar and pronunciation.


A major component of this method is our philosophy around motivation and learning. Students learn better when they are motivated, and 'Sam and Mel' provide motivation for learning English in two ways: 

1. Children are motivated by fun.  They will want to learn English because Sam and Mel is fun.  There is no writing and there are no tests.  There is just the natural pleasure of learning something new.

2. Children are motivated when they receive praise for trying.  Sam and Mel will often say "good" or give praise at the end of an exercise.  Parents should also give praise when their child makes an effort.  Praise for effort is encouraging and promotes perseverance, whereas praise only given for success can promote stress and a fear of failure in the child.

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Learning Rhythm

Ideally, your child will learn approximately one new lesson every week. However, one of the great features of learning English with Sam and Mel is that your child can learn at their own pace, moving on to each new lesson when they are ready. We recommend that children spend 10-15 minutes per day on the video lessons and exercises in order to maintain maximum concentration during learning.

On average a child will need to watch each lesson and revision exercise three times. Some children may need more, some children may need less.


  • Each video lesson lasts 8-10 minutes to match young children's attention span.
  • Every lesson introduces approximately 10 high frequency words used in everyday situations.
  • Each video lesson is made up of 7 scenes: Three presentation scenes are for children to watch, understand and enjoy the new language. The 4 other scenes are opportunities for learners to interact with Sam and Mel.
  • The interactive scenes engage different learning methods: gestures and pictures for remembering new words; recognition reading; word emphasis for pronunciation; and singing for fluency.
  • A downloadable translation text of the presentation scenes can be used to enable understanding of each new lesson.
  • Each lesson is accompanied by 9 additional video revision exercises.
  • Children can track their progress as they move through the lessons receiving medals as they complete each stage.
  • The 10 lesson songs can be downloaded as an mp3 file.
  • Children earn a Certificate of Completion for finishing all 10 lessons and exercises.

Happy Customers

I am delighted with this playful learning method and my pupils love it.

Sylvie Duhamel, France

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