"English for kids"


Your method seems very effective with children aged 8-9 years old.

Catherine Jeannet, France

First of all, BRAVO for this incredible content! My students love English and could work this subject all afternoon!

Céline Sichet, France

Our daughter loves this way of learning. She sings the Songs and does all the exercises. Maybe some day, there will be also exercises for Lesson 11 and so on. It would be great!

Cordula Liebmann, Germany

Our son Paul is 9 years old. All of a sudden he starts speaking English. We all have a lot of fun during your Videos!

Daniel H., Germany

Siria is 6 years old and enjoys the lessons. She sings along with the songs, she repeats and makes the signs. Only the reading is a bit difficult. What I enjoy about your lessons is that they come without any violence. Siria is going to enjoy the certificate.

Daria, Zurich, Switzerland

Hello, Your videos are fantastic. My 4-year-old French-Canadian grand-daughter is making remarkable progress using your method. I envy her! Learning English in my youth was painstaking. Immersion, English camps, private lessons ... Being surrounded by French speakers, never or almost never using English outside of these activities, the difficulties still persist today when I use this language.

Personally, I have been using your videos for a few weeks and we are only starting to watch lesson 5. Perhaps the fact that I hold a master's degree in active pedagogy is the reason why I am sold on the method, but the repetition of the video + 9 exercises that solicit sight, management and hearing differently is remarkably effective.

It is so interesting that my grand-daughter accepts without worry to review the same lesson once a day, until she integrates it completely. She loves Sam and Mel and reproduces the words and the accent very well. Congratulations again for the quality of your videos.

Elaine Biron, Quebec, Canada

We are absolutely delighted to watch the lessons of Sam and Mel as a family! And I'm happy to see that the children are each progressing at their own pace. I also find that lessons are all the more effective when children are small: my 4-year-old daughter retains a lot of vocabulary, which she naturally matches with gestures! We received an email some time ago saying that 10 additional lessons were available, where can we find them? Thank you !! And we look forward to continuing the journey with you!

Emmanuelle Bousquet, France

Congratulations on the rest. It is true that we are enthusiastic! Here, what we prefer is your songs.

Eve Dumonceau, France

I have been really impressed with the interesting videos and the easy flow of the lessons.

I was fascinated how the kids responded to Mr. Marc (Mel's brother). They interacted with the video characters, copying the gestures and joining in the songs. The short conversations with the monkey and bird caught their attention. They absorbed instantly. They had lots of fun and smiles on their faces while learning. I told myself, “This is it! This is the good program that we need for our children.

The video has an integrated approach; it’s clear and easy to understand and the students have fun in learning. They respond positively and are motivated to be active. It’s easy for them retain what they hear and see on the video.

Grace Masangcay, ESL Primary School teacher, Sunshine School, Laos

I am really happy to hear that Sam and Mel are back. Your lessons are definitely wonderful. I highly recommended them on Facebook to my friends in the hope that more and more people will know your lessons. I absolutely appreciate your work.

Huyen Nguyen, Vietnam

As an ESL teacher, I've seen different reactions of learners to videos. This video effectively encouraged the students to speak-up while watching—and that is great practice!

Joy Chuyako, Sui Yun Xuen Primary School, Guangdong Province, China

Sam and Mel kept my 50 Second Graders focused with its fresh simplicity, and entertaining story line and characters. The language objectives were well scaffolded and given plenty of practice time. A great supplement material for primary ESL/ EFL classrooms.

Julia Nichols, Lang Qing Xuan Primary School, Guangdong Province, China

I've been banging on for years about how great an idea this is! The format is perfect for Thai learners especially the incorporation of physical movements to accompany the words. It's well worth the money... especially if there are another 10 videos to come.

Mark Newman, Thailand

Dear Sam and Mel, your lessons are great! Our girl really loves them! Do you only have 10 lessons ? We need more !

Monika R., Austria

I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your site and learning method. Thanks to your method my 2 year old son watches a few episodes of Sam and Mel every day. The songs are really nice and melodious. Moreover, I have 2 teenagers, 13 and 16 who also watch you. We hope to see some new episodes soon.

Mutel family

Excellent! Top notch in terms of pedagogy! Well done and thank you.

Sandrine Guillin, France

I am delighted with this playful learning method and my pupils love it.

Sylvie Duhamel, France

This is the best media that I've found on the internet so far. All my students enjoy all the lessons you've made. I hope that you may have a plan to make more media like this.

Tanachai R, English teacher, Thailand

Happy Customers

Excellent! Tip top in terms of pedagogy! Well done and thank you.

Sandrine Guillin, France

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